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Tomato Packing Machine

Aseptic Brick Pack Tomato Sauce Packing Machine

Aseptic Brick Pack Tomato Sauce Packing Machine is used for filling non vaporous liquids, fluids, and semi liquid foods, such as beverages, liquid milk (fresh milk, yogurt, milk d ...
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Aseptic Brick Pack Tomato Sauce Packing Machine is used for filling non vaporous liquids, fluids, and semi liquid foods, such as beverages, liquid milk (fresh milk, yogurt, milk drinks, soy milk), fruit and vegetable juices, tea, alcohol, coffee, cream, etc.

2. Features:
a. The rectangular preforming method is adopted for preforming, which replaces the circular forming method and device of Tetra Pak, making the machine more stable, more reliable and more perfect in appearance.
b. The paper feeding form adopts rolling type, quantitative, sealing, cutting and shaping system. The multi-layer mop type mechanism driven by machinery replaces the grasping mechanism of Tetra Pak’s manipulator, making the machine run more smoothly.
c. Fully automatic completion of the entire packaging process, including smooth delivery of paper rolls, printing of date and batch numbers, pre application of sealing strips, pre forming of cylinders, filling, horizontal sealing, shaping, cutting, and corner sticking delivery.
d. Integrating the latest technology of modern opto electromechanical integration, integrated design, and precision manufacturing. Adopting closed-loop control technology to control tension, photoelectric detection, PLC calculation control, and touch based human-machine interface operation, making vertical and horizontal sealing more firm and reliable.
e. The main transmission is mechanical, and the auxiliary transmission is pneumatic, which is scientifically and reasonably used to make the machine run more freely and stably.
f. Specially equipped with a non-stop roll changing device, making it easy for the machine to change rolls and connect paper heads without stopping the machine.

Technical parameters
a. External dimensions: 5700 * 2000 * 4500
b. Power supply: 380V
c. Production efficiency: 1500-1800 boxes/hour
d. Overall weight: approximately 2500KG
e. Power: 10KW
f. Packaging capacity: 250ml
The above parameters are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail.


Aseptic Brick Pack Tomato Sauce Packing Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of the tomato processing machines. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians. Now, Our factory can provide tomato washing cleaning machine, tomato dicer cutting machine, tomato ketchup sauce making machine, tomato juice extracting making machine, tomato sauce filling packing machine, tomato ketchup spout pouch filling capping machinetomato peeling machine, tomato size sorting grading machine and tomato powder making machine

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