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Tomato Juice Machine

Hydraulic Type Tomato Juice Pressing Squeezer Machine

Hydraulic Type Tomato Juice Pressing Squeezer Machine is used to make fruit juice or vegetable juice by hydraulic pressing. Hydraulic Juice Cold Pressing machine consist of body, ...
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Hydraulic Type Tomato Juice Pressing Squeezer Machine is used to make fruit juice or vegetable juice by hydraulic pressing. Hydraulic Juice Cold Pressing machine consist of body, support structure, pressboard, sieve tank, filter bag, hydraulic device, oil pump, electric parts.  It is mainly used for fruit juice extracting, vegetable dehydration and medicine juice extracting. Romiter Hydraulic Juice Pressing Machine has single barrel type, double barrel type and fully automatic type. Users can choose according to their different technical requirements. Nowadays, This Hydraulic Type Juice Making Machine has been widely used in watermelon, lemon, orange, pineapple, carrot, ginger, garlic, onion, apple, pear, mulberry, strawberry, leaf vegetables, herb, celery, etc.


Advantage Feature of Hydraulic Tomato Juice Squeezer Machine

  1. Hydraulic Juice Pressing Machine is made of special technology, ensure the stability and continuous pressing, make sure the average of dewatering.
  2. The basket is produced by the one-time molding process, the inner face was finely polished, easy for washing and cleaning, ensure the safety and hygiene of juice. The barrel and pressing plate are all made of high-quality acid and alkali resistant 304 stainless steel.
  3. The hydraulic cylinder adopts 4 sealing forms, greatly improving the service life of the oil cylinder, and simultaneously preventing the hydraulic oil from seeping out and polluting the food.
  4. Double barrels design is interchangeable for loading and unloading and pressing materials so that the production capacity can be more than doubled. The device is easy to operate, durable, easy to maintain, large press force, and high production efficiency.

Specification of Hydraulic Type Tomato Juice Pressing Machine

No. Model Barrel Size Hydraulic Double Barrel Size Single Barrel Size Power
ton mm mm kw
1 RM-HP50L φ400*500 30 1200*642*1760 1100*530*1720 2.2
2 RM-HP100L φ500*500 30 1300*736*1760 1200*714*1720 2.2
3 RM-HP100L-D φ500*500 30 2000*736*1760 1900*714*1720 2.2
4 RM-HP150L φ550*600 30 1550*736*2010 1500*726*1970 3
RM-HP150L-A φ550*600 30 1800*736*2010 1750*726*1970
RM-HP150L-DA φ550*600 30 3030*736*2010 2940*726*1970
5 RM-HP200L φ600*700 50 1600*836*2210 1550*826*2170 4
RM-HP200L-A φ600*700 50 1850*836*2210 1800*826*2170
RM-HP200L-DA φ600*700 50 3150*836*2210 3100*826*2170
6 RM-HP300L φ700*750 50 1700*942*2310 1650*880*2270 4
RM-HP300L-A φ700*750 50 1900*942*2310 1850*830*2270
RM-HP300L-DA φ700*750 50 3250*942*2310 3200*830*2270
7 RM-HP400L φ800*800 50-500 1800*1000*2410 1750*940*2370 4-22
RM-HP400L-A φ800*800 50-500 2000*1000*2410 1950*940*2370
RM-HP400L-DA φ800*800 50-500 3400*1000*2410 3550*940*2370
8 RM-HP500L φ850*900 50-500 2000*1042*2620 1950*980*2580 4-22
RM-HP500L-A φ850*900 50-500 2200*1042*2620 2150*980*2580
RM-HP500L-DA φ850*900 50-500 3600*1042*2620 3530*980*2580

Note: “D” Model means double drum, “A” Model means automatic discharge function model, “DA” model means double drum and automatic discharge function model.

Working Video of Hydraulic Type Tomato Juice Squeezer Machine

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