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Simple Concentrate Tomato Paste Production Line

simple concentrate tomato paste production line typically consists of several key processes and equipment. Here’s a basic overview of the steps involved in producing tomato ...
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simple concentrate tomato paste production line typically consists of several key processes and equipment. Here’s a basic overview of the steps involved in producing tomato paste:

  1. Sorting and Washing: Fresh tomatoes are inspected and sorted to remove any damaged or spoiled ones. Then, they go through a washing process to remove dirt and impurities.
  2. Crushing and Preheating: The tomatoes are crushed or ground to break them down into a pulpy consistency. This step helps in releasing the juice and separating it from the skin and seeds. The pulp is preheated to facilitate the extraction process.
  3. Extraction: The preheated tomato pulp is passed through an extraction machine, which separates the juice from the solids. The juice typically contains the majority of the tomato solids and flavor.
  4. Evaporation: The extracted tomato juice is then sent to an evaporation system, usually consisting of multiple stages, such as a series of evaporators or a vacuum evaporator. This process removes a significant portion of the water content from the juice, concentrating it into tomato paste.
  5. Pasteurization: The concentrated tomato paste is pasteurized to ensure its safety and extend its shelf life. Pasteurization involves heating the paste to a specific temperature and holding it there for a certain period to eliminate any harmful bacteria.
  6. Packaging: After pasteurization, the tomato paste is transferred to packaging equipment. It can be filled into cans, glass jars, or other suitable containers. The containers are then sealed to maintain product freshness and prevent spoilage.
  7. Labeling and Storage: The packaged tomato paste containers are labeled with relevant information such as the product name, ingredients, and expiration date. They are then stored in a designated area until they are ready to be distributed.

It’s important to note that the complexity and scale of a tomato paste production line can vary depending on the desired production capacity and level of automation. The above steps provide a general outline, but specific equipment and additional processes may be incorporated based on the requirements of the production line.

Automatic-Concentrated-Tomato-Sauce-Making-Machine Automatic-Concentrated-Tomato-Sauce-Production-Line Automatic-Tomato-Sauce-Making-Machine

Specification of Simple Concentrate Tomato Paste Production Line

No. Equipment Name Main Parameter Function
1 Picking Belt Size: 4000*900*800MM
Power: 0.75KW
Manually remove unqualified, worm-eye, and moldy tomatoes
2 Tomato Washing Machine SUS304 stainless steel material
Dimensions: 4500*1000*2570MM
Under the action of bubbles and spray, the picked tomatoes are cleaned, mainly to remove the surface sediment
3 Tomato Crushing Machine Size: 630*545*1180MM
Power: 2.2KW
Crush the washed tomatoes to facilitate the later beating work

Tubular Preheater

Size: 3000*460*1100MM
Steam heating

Increase the temperature of slurry to achieve preheating, inactivating enzymes and protecting color

5 Tomato Pulping Machine Dimension: 1450*820*1520MM
Power: 4KW

Pitting and beating fruits after pre-cooking.

6 Buffer Tank Volume:300L
Size: φ1000*600MM


SUS304 stainless steel material
Power: 3KW
8 Tubular sterilizer

Size: 1500*460*1100

Sterilization of concentrated tomato paste
9 Finished tank SUS304 stainless steel material Ketchup cache after sterilization
10 Tomato Past Packing Machine Size: 780*920*1980MM Power: 1.8KW Ketchup packaging work

Working Video of Simple Concentrate Tomato Paste Production Line

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