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Tomato Dryer Machine

Automatic Tomato Powder Spray Drying Machine

Automatic Tomato Powder Spray Drying Machine is used to make tomato flour. This Type Spray Dryer Machine is suitable for heat insentive material drying. It need to crushing and gr ...
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Automatic Tomato Powder Spray Drying Machine is used to make tomato flour. This Type Spray Dryer Machine is suitable for heat insentive material drying. It need to crushing and grinding the tomato into liquid sauce first.




Working Principle of Tomato Powder Spray Dryer


In the manufacture of tomato powder, fully fresh tomato is converted into a paste by passing through a chopper followed by a colloid mill. A 1 or 2 % sodium metabisulphite solution is added to improve the colour of the final product. Spray- or drum-drying may be used, the latter being favoured as all the solids are recovered.

A typical spray dryer can produce 70 kg powder per hour to give yields of 8 to 11% of the fresh fruit, while drum-drying gives a final yield of about 13% of the fresh fruit. In the latter method the moisture content is reduced to 8 to 12 % and then further decreased to 2 % by drying in a tunnel or cabinet dryer at 60° C.

Advantage Features of Tomato Powder Spray Dryer

  1. specializing design in tomato powder spray dry, to overcome the large fiber content, heavy pectic substance features.
  2. optimized process, continuous fluent, concise and highly efficient
  3. the whole equipment stable in operation, low fault rate
  4. low energy consumption, employing less, low processing cost six, complete sets of equipment is easy to operate, easy maintenance

Specification of Automatic Tomato Powder Spray Drying Machine

Model RM-LPG25 RM-LPG50 RM-LPG100 RM-LPG200 RM-LPG300
Water Evaporation (kg/h) 25 50 100 200 500
Method of Atomizing High Speed Centrifugal Atomizer (mechanical drive or stepless frequency speed regulation is available)
Atomizer Revolution (rpm) 22500 21500 18000 16000 16000
Atomizing Disc Diameter (mm) 60 120 120 150 150
Dried Powder Recovery Rate (%) Around≥95
Air input Temp 160~200℃
Air output Temp 70~90℃
Hoisting height of Nozzle(m) 2.5 2.5 3.2 3.2 3.2

Working Video of Tomato Powder Spray Drying Machine

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