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Automatic Tomato Paste Production Line

Automatic Tomato Paste Production Line is used to make tomato paste or tomato ketchup. It mainly includes the following five parts: fresh tomato receiving, pre-washing and sorting ...
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Automatic Tomato Paste Production Line is used to make tomato paste or tomato ketchup. It mainly includes the following five parts: fresh tomato receiving, pre-washing and sorting section, extracting section, vacuum concentrating section, pasteurizing or sterilizing section and aseptic filling section. It is mainly composed of a discharge system, hydraulic convey system, bucket elevating, washing and sorting system, crushing system, preheating system, pulping and refining system, evaporating& concentrating system, sterilizing system, aseptic filling system. Tomato paste in the aseptic drum can be further processed to ketchup, sauces, juices in a tin can/bottle/pouch, etc.


This Tomato Paste Production Line also suitable for processing garden bean, asparagus, broccoli, taro, string bean, young soybean, sweet corn, strawberry, cherry, mulberry, apple dice, onion, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin dice, spinach, bean sprout and other fruit and vegetable products.


Specification of Tomato Paste Production Line

  • Raw material: Fresh Tomato
  • Final product : Tomato paste ( Concentration : 28~30%) / ( 30%~32%)/ ( 36~38% ) 
  • Handing capacity : 10-1500T / day
  • Paste content: Pure flavors, vitamins, sugar and other flavors.
  • Sterilization way: High temperature, Tubular sterilization, UHT High temp Sterilization, Ultra high-temperature sterilization( We will design according to customer’s requirement according to different package ) 
  • Final package: Aseptic buckets, small bags of bags in bags, tinplate and small bags. 
  • Control system: Manual control or automatic control can be used in two ways below 300 tons. 
  • System Content: The original fruit lifting system, cleaning system, sorting system, crushing system, preheating and killing enzyme system, beating system, vacuum concentrating system, dispensing system, sterilization system, sterile large bag filling system, small packaging and packing system.

Advantage Feature of Tomato Paste Production Line

  1. the design of tomato sauce processing equipment is reasonable, beautiful, stable, efficient and energy-saving, and low steam consumption.
  2. the concentrating system uses a forced circulation vacuum evaporator, which is specially used for the concentration of high viscosity materials such as jam, fruit pulp and syrup so that the larger viscosity of tomato paste is easy to flow and evaporated and the concentration-time is short. And can be ketchup from 4.5-5.5% Brix to 28-30% Brix, 30-32% Brix, 36-38% Brix according to the requirements of customers.
  3. The evaporating temperature of the evaporator is low, the heat is fully utilized, the ketchup is heated gently, the heat is evenly heated in the tube, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, which can prevent the “drywall” phenomenon.
  4. the condenser with special structure can operate normally at the cooling water temperature of 30 degrees or even higher.
  5. continuous feed and feed, liquid level and required concentration can achieve automatic control.
  6. Our company has advanced team and technology, combined with Italy technology and European standards, combined with domestic excellent production technology, formed a reasonable processing plan of tomato sauce production line, and can provide one-stop service to customer’s engineering projects according to the investment status and production practice of the enterprise, including engineering design and matching. Set up, installation, commissioning, technical and operational training to provide turnkey projects for customers.

Tomato Sauce Production Line Detail Machine

1.  Tomato Washing Machine


Air Bubble Type Tomato Water Washing Machine for Sale washes dirt attached on the surface of tomato by air bubble washing. This Water Washing Machine can be used for many Vegetable & Fruit washing.  It imitates human washing motion and avoids collision or friction damages caused by human washing. This Washing Machine saves a lot of human labor costs for the factory.

2. Tomato Quality Selection Conveyor

Tomato Quality Selection Conveyor

Tomato Quality Selection Conveyor is used to remove the bad potato by the worker. The worker can select and remove bad tomato during the tomato moving on the conveyor.  This selection conveyor adopts food grade PVC material. The frame adopts SUS304 stainless steel made and the conveyor speed is adjustable. We provide a customized size for the selection conveyor.

3. Tomato Hot Water Blanching Machine


Automatic Tomato Hot Water Blanching Machine is widely used for blanching and sterilizing tomato, vegetables, fruits, seafood products, It is especially suitable for easily damageable or color protection requirement product and products in strips or bar-shaped. It is necessary equipment during food processing industry. We provide different heating source blanching machine, like electric heating hot water blanching machine, natural gas-fired hot water blanching and diesel oil fired hot water blanching machine and coal-fired hot water blanching machine.

4. Tomato Sauce Pulper Making Machine


Automatic Tomato Sauce Pulper Machine is a special tomato sauce extractor and pulp extractor machine. It is mainly used to press and pulp tropical fruit, such as tomato,  pineapple, banana, lemon, citrus, orange, passion fruit, dragon fruit, pitaya, papaya, pawpaw, lychee, litchi, jackfruit, passionflower, etc. It adopts 304 stainless steel and has high efficiency.

5. Tomato Sauce Temporary Storage Tank


Tomato Sauce Temporary Storage Tank is used to store the tomato sauce from the tomato pulper machine, which can buffer the tomato sauce for following Continuous Vacuum Evaporation Machine processing. This Buffering Storage Tank adopts stainless steel made, which can avoid pollution for the tomato sauce.

6. Continuous Vacuum Evaporation Machine


Automatic Continuous Tomato Sauce Vacuum Evaporation Machine is used for tomato sauce evaporation and concentration.  Tomato Sauce Vacuum Evaporator mainly adapts in continuous evaporation and concentration under low temperature, the machine has characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, material heating in a short time, etc. It mainly adapts in continuous evaporation and concentration under low temperature, can process milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, environmental protection, waste liquid recycling, etc; Especially suitable for processing the material with the character of heat-sensitive, viscosity and foamability. The heater and evaporator adopt stainless steel heat preservation structure. The heat preservation layer adopts a stainless steel sheet as the shell. The surface is carried out mirror polishing or matte treatment.

7. UHT Ultra-High-Temperature Tomato Sauce Sterilizer (bottle package)


Ultra High-Temperature UHT Tomato Sauce Tube Sterilizer Machine is designed for using ultra-high temperatures to sterilizing the juice, milk or sauce which make product keep a long time. It can lower down the amount of living modified organisms and greatly decrease the possibility of diseases. It works in three methods such as Intermittent pasteurized, High temperature pasteurized in a short time and ultra-high-temperature pasteurization. Pasteurization equipment is to kill harmful organisms in food and beverage products. Pasteurization system is popularly used in fresh milk, yogurt, ice cream, soymilk, jelly, pickled vegetables, juice, pure water, alcohol, meat product and so on. Heating milk for 30 minutes at the temperature below 60℃ or heating for 20 minutes at above 95℃. All these sterilizing technics are widely applied to dairy, fruit juice beverage, alcohol, chemical pharmaceutical, electricity and hotels, and etc.

8. Tomato Sauce Plastic Package Pasteurization Sterilizer (plastic bag package)


Automatic Tomato Sauce Bag Pasteurization Machine is used to sterilize the tomato sauce package bag. It adopts high-temperature hot water to sterilize the bag. The Pasteurization Machine adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel.  The sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the technical requirement. This Pasteurization Machine has the feature of smooth operation, low noise, stainless steel nets with high strength and easy maintenance. Automatic Tomato Sauce Pasteurization Machine is suitable for soft packing vegetable products, condiments sterilization, low-temperature meat products, bottled food sterilization, beverage sterilization and vegetable blanching.

Working Video of Tomato Sauce Production Line

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